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Cell Phone Elbow

Cell Phone Elbow is an overuse injury causing a condition called cubital tunnel syndrome. The earliest article that I could find using the term "cell phone elbow" is from CBS's Stephanie Stahl found in 2006 called "Health: Cell Phone Elbow" and a blog entry from Workers Comp Insider.

Overuse injuries are a cummulative microtrauma or a repetitive stress injuries which over time causes improper muscle balances from muscle weakness to muscle tightness. Basically, muscle knots or other forms of soft tissue adhesions form around areas that may happen to compress a nerve resulting in numbess, tingling to the ring and pinky fingers and even muscle weakness in more severe cases such as ulnar claw. Dr. Peter Evans describes the condition to stepping on a garden hose. You may also have anatomical variations that may predispose you to this condition. Work habits or excessive computer usage may also have a contributing factor.

Surgery is an option but that should only be a…