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Chiropractic at the Winter Olympics 2010

The winter olympics are over. Behind the scenes, five chiropractors were chosen to be a part of the US medical team of the Winter Olympics. According to Dr. Andrew Klein from the Summer Olympics 2000, "Athletes have come to rely on manual therapy because the list of banned substances (for the Olympics) is so long, and also because they feel it enhances their performance." Athletes such as Carl Lewis, Greg Louganis, Willi Banks, Edwin Moses have use chiropractic for peak performance. Dr. Michael Reed, a former SCU faculty member, was the medical director of the Sports Performance Center. Other SCU alumni such as Eric St. Pierre, DC, and Tetsuya Hasegawa, DC served as part of the US Olympic medical staff. With the US breaking the record for total medals on a foreign soil, everyone's efforts including the benefits of chiropractic should be recognized.

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