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Bell's Palsy or Facial Nerve Palsy: Case Study

Bell's Palsy
A facial nerve paralysis with symptoms from eye dryness, altered taste to muscle weakness and slurred speech. The cause is unknown and this patient had already tried a full course of anti-viral medication treatment with no change. The current theory in the medical community is that it is related to the chickenpox virus or shingles causing nerve inflammation. Many cases resolve by themselves but I have seen cases that persist for many years and cases with no shingles related outbreaks.

Before Treatment: Photo shows obvious assymetry of facial muscles. The patient also had eye dryness, altered taste and numbness of lips. This photo was after a full course of anti-viral medication.After 3 months: Besides, the dramatic muscle tone increase, eye dryness, taste, numbness and pain mostly resolved. Note: The patient also had nutritional supplements & cold laser therapy.*** ***The cause for Bell's Palsy is unknown so the treatment for nerve inflammation may not work on …

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Confirms Link between Omega 3 and Prostate Cancer

The "latest findings indicate that high concentrations of EPA, DPA and DHA – the three anti-inflammatory and metabolically related fatty acids derived from fatty fish and fish-oil supplements – are associated with a 71 percent increased risk of high-grade prostate cancer. The study also found a 44 percent increase in the risk of low-grade prostate cancer and an overall 43 percent increase in risk for all prostate cancers." This was a followup study to confirm a 2011 study made by the same research group. In the 2011 study, they found that trans-fatty acids were associated with "had a 50 percent reduction in the risk of high-grade prostate cancer." Trans fatty acids are in general thought of as harmful for your heart as seen in this Mayo Clinic article. The FHCRC's findings are completely opposite of what is commonly thought of inflammation and cancer. In general, omega 3 is associated as a natural anti-inflammatory food and omega 6  & trans fats are associa…

"No Crack" Chiropractic With Mild Scoliosis And Posture Changes: Before and After X-rays

Before Chiropractic Treatments:
Small S-Shaped Curves.
9° Cobb Angle = Mild Scoliosis

After Chiropractic Treatments: On & Off over 4 yrs, Dramatic Reduction**Before Chiropractic Treatments:
Excessive Low Back Curve (Swayback or Anterior Pelvic Tilt)

After Chiropractic Treatments: On & Off over 4 yrs, Normal Low Back CurvatureBefore Chiropractic Treatments: Abnormal Neck Curve (Reverse Cervical Lordosis)

After Chiropractic Treatments: Reduction in Abnormal Cervical Curve. Neck pain was not regularly treated like the low back.
Can chiropractic adjustments fix scoliosis? That is the topic that I would like to put in the open. I would also like to show how chiropractic adjustments can be made without the cracking noises and still be effective. Here is another old blog post with low force chiropractic on scoliosis without after treatment x-rays. Officially, the American Chiropractic Association and probably other professional associations have the similar view that chiropractic care c…