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Obesity Rates Unchanged in US

Obesity in the US is a growing problem in the US. One can say that it is a major reason why healthcare costs are rising due to America's desire for the magic pill rather than wellness. With many under financial stress, it is easier to buy unhealthy food especially with subsidies to corn based products such as fructose and cancel that gym membership. Some patterns that can be seen from the latest Gallup report are slightly more males are obese. African Americans at 35.8% have the highest obesity rates followed by Hispanic Americans at 28% and Asian Americans have the lowest obesity rate at surprising 8 %! The Southern states have the highest rate at 28.6% and the Western states have the lowest but only slightly better rate at 23%. Most income levels have obesity rates about 28.9% while incomes $90k+ have about a 21% rate. Obesity is linked to diabetes, heart disease, strokes and even certain types of cancer. For more information about Gallup's Well-Being Index follow here. Othe…