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Usain Bolt / Team Jamaica Uses Chiropractic Care in Olympic Training

Dr. Michael Douglas DC from Florida was the team chiropractor for Team Jamaica from 1996 through 2008. There is also an article from 2009 about Usain Bolt with Dr. Douglas and a tweet about attending the London Olympics in 2012. I could not find anymore information about Usain Bolt utilizing chiropractic care and the 2012 Olympics though I believe Dr. Douglas was still the team chiropractor for Jamaica in 2012. The latest information that I could verify were pictures of Usain Bolt getting chiropractic adjustments at the 2011 IAAF World Championships. Other athletes that are reported to use chiropractic care are Asafa Powell, Veronica Campbell and Shelly-Ann Fraser. Chiropractic Neurology is a specialized technique and here is a demonstration of chiropractic neurology. There is also a picture of Dr. Douglas using an Activator instrument and I believe he is using the Activator Methods procedure also.

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London Olympics 2012: Kinesiotape / Kinesiology Tape / Physio Tape Skepticism Answered

Kinesiotape, aka kinesiology tape, physio tape or elastic therapeutic tape, is back in the Olympics in 2012. I made a blog article talking about the use of kinesiotape in 2008 with pictures of Kerri Walsh Jennings and Martin Plavins. For this olympics, it is used more than before but it is still not accepted by the skeptics in the scientific community. The critics credit any success to the placebo effect because of the lack of scientific evidence. There are plenty of journal research on professional athletes and superstition. Superstition gives athletes confidence which is proven to provide more "luck" or success. I will talk more about how kinesiotape does have specific therapeutic functions that are easy to understand.

"I think, if anything, there is a placebo effect involved, and there probably is a little bit of a peer pressure effect. When people see athletes who are doing so well, they think, 'Maybe this could work for me,'"
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