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New Research Concerning Effectiveness of Acupuncture with Knee Osteoarthritis

Yesterday on Dr. Dean Edell's radio show on KGO 810 AM, Dr. Edell questioned the validity of acupuncture with a recent randomized double-blind study of acupuncture on knee arthritis. Dr. Edell summarized that it was a double-blind study so that the doctor could not influence the results. When the doctor said that the treatment would work well, the patient had better results than when the doctor said that the acupuncture may or may not work on knee arthritis. The study seems to back up another study in 2007 by the German journal, Archives of Internal Medicine. Dr. Edell said that patients should try alternative medicine in general because patients do have good results with back pain in particular instead of just taking pain medication with limited results. He back away from this when a called questioned validating a method that has not been proven to be effective. Questions rose when a recent article in the journal Arthritis Care and Research concluded that:

TCA was not superior to …

Research Validates Benefits & Cost Efficacy of Chiropractic Verses Other Therapies

In June, a peer reviewed medical journal, Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, statistically analyzed and interpreted an older National Health Interview Survey. The study revealed that 60% reported "a great deal" of benefit. Chiropractic had the highest success rate among the 6 most popular CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) with 66% reporting significant benefit followed by massage, yoga and qi gong tied for second place. (Sorry for the following style this editor has a bug with making html tables)

Perceived Benefit of the 6 Most Frequently Used Complementary and
Alternative Medicine Modalities for Back Pain

Those with Great Benefit from CAM (Weighted %)Chiropractic (n _ 1,163)
66% Massage (n _ 196)
Yoga, Tai chi, Qi Gong (n _ 45)
56% Acupuncture (n _ 89)
Herbal therapies (n _ 78)
32%Relaxation techniques (n _ 76)

*The modalities listed are not mutually
exclusive. CAM, complementary
and alternative medicine. doi: 10.3122/ from