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Healthcare Reform & Chiropractic

Now that the dust has settled. The healthcare reform bill signed by President Obama is now law. How does it affect your chiropractic care? Some things like increased taxes take affect immediately but other things like requiring everyone to have insurance will take affect years later. Medicare funding has also been cut by hundreds of billions so it will most likely affect Medicare Advantage coverage eventually. I did not find any wording to that effect so far. It does not make sense to keep the pay rates the same or increase them when you are increasing the people covered and cutting the funding. Currently, basic Medicare only covers chiropractic adjustment and no physiotherapy modalities like heat, ice and therapeutic techniques. However, "increases the Part D initial coverage limit by $500 for 2010 to reduce the size of the coverage gap(Effective January 1, 2010) (Section 10328.)" A few things specifically relating to chiropractic are:

Non-discrimination in health care; Sec.…