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Recent Health News: Migraines, Jumper's Knee, Cholesterol, Hamstring Injuries, Diabetes, Stretching

Migraines & Weight: Girls who get migraines appear more likely than their peers to gain extra weight during adulthood, scientists say. I think many people with chronic pain will gain weight and probably have depression. My guess is that anti-depressants would help also. (sarcasm) Frederik Joelving Article
Shockwave therapy fails in study of 'jumper's knee': "No Effect of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy on Patellar Tendinopathy in Jumping Athletes During the Competitive Season". A therapy that uses sound waves to heal injured tissue may not be much help for athletes with "jumper's knee" -- at least when the treatment is used alone, a new study suggests. Amy Norton Article
Asthma linked to celiac disease: Celiac disease confers a 1.6-fold increased risk of asthma: A nationwide population-based cohort study. People with the digestive disorder known as celiac disease are more likely to develop another disorder involving the immune system: asthma. Ali…

Dr Oz Promotes Chiropractic for Low Back Pain

Citing a study that I mentioned in a previous blog entry with 80% successful back pain reduction with chiropractic, Dr Oz has Dr Steven Shoshany DC demonstrate chiropractic. Dr Oz first shows how misalignment can throw off the whole spine. Then he has a giant vertebrae model and a disc herniation pinching a spinal nerve. The whole segment was very quick and I have yet to find a video of it on the internet. Unfortunately, they don't have the segment on Dr Oz's website either. has a very good summary of the chiropractic segment also. I am not a big fan of pushing the pinched nerve idea on patients a lot when there is no disc herniation or arthritic stenosis. My only other concern was that he made no assessment of the patient's restrictions or the area of pain. Dr. Shoshany basically adjusted both sides of the pelvis the same way and made a final adjustment of a random area in the thoracic spine. He has over 200 reviews so he must be that good. I am just happy th…