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Kerri Walsh endorses KT Tape; SpiderTech Another Pre-cut Tape Brand

Some patients mentioned a precut elastic tape but now I have found what they were talking about. I am still not sure what was the exact brand used in the Beijing summer olympics but it looks like a new brand of kinesiology tape, KT Tape, is being endorsed by Kerri Walsh. The earliest press release that I can find is in May and June 2009. Oct 24, 2009, Mary Sheddon of The Tamba Tribune reports that KT Tape helps with foot pains and shin splints. SpiderTech is another brand claimed to be the "original" starting in 1987. Kinesio Tex developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase around 1984 according to their website also claiming to be the original. My guess is that Nitto Denko is a company that had a elastic sports tape since the 80's along with Kinesio Tex but Dr. Kenzo Kase developed an actual taping technique. Kinesio Tex has had several books and seminars for years. I have yet to find any book or seminar from SpiderTech or KT Tape. The earliest press release or product for SpiderTech that I can find is in 2009. My question is what brand was used in the Beijing summer olympics 2008. I was sometimes under the training of Dr. Michael Reed, DC, MS, CSCS, DACBSP during my chiropractic training who became the medical director of the US Olympic Committee for the 2008 olympic team and also the future 2012 olympic team. There was only one other chiropractor on the team so the kinesio tape used on Kerri Walsh in the summer olympics was either an early version of the KT Tape or Kinesio Tex tape. I also believe Kinesio Tex tape is used by more chiropractors and physical therapists. I can't make any endorsement for Dr. Reed but only say what I have seen. If there is anyone who can give me evidence to correct me, I would be interested. I will also be trying KT Tape and SpiderTech tape so perhaps there will be a future post about my findings.

Updated: Read the comments for some input from KT Tape

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Jim said…
Hi Dr. Tsai,

I work for the company that makes KT Tape and I wanted to respond to a couple of your questions.

KT Tape was officially launched in the US in Dec 2008, but the press release came several months later-

Kerri Walsh wore Kinesio tape at the Olympics but soon after the Olympics she tested KT Tape and decided to switch. In her words the reason she switched was: "I switched to KT Tape because it is hands-down the highest quality, most durable and comfortable kinesiology tape that I’ve ever found.”

I believe the other Olympic Team Chiropractor you are referring to is Dr. Ted Forcum. He has used Kinesio tape for many years in his practice and was the keynote speaker at the kinesio national symposium in Chicago this year. Since then he has also switched to KT Tape in his practice and has also joined the KT Tape Medical Advisory Board. Here's the release for this story:

Dr. Forcum switched to KT Tape because:

“KT Tape is my kinesiology tape of choice. It has superior adhesive qualities which makes it preferential for sports and allows for the durability of multiple day use in day-to-day activities. Kinesiology tape provides the function of multiple tools with a diverse array of functions to enhance patient recovery and athletic performance. With pre-cut KT tape, taping even complex structures becomes fast and easy with little mess.”

In closing, we will be launching our new clinical training in January which will include continuing Ed. credit. We plan to announce more about that soon.

I hope I answered a few of your questions. If I can be of any further help please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Jim Jenson
Lumos, Inc
Jim said…
Dr. Tsai,

I forgot to mention that Kerri Walsh officially uses and endorses KT Tape now. It is the only brand that she's ever put her name behind.


John said…
Dr. Tsai,

I just returned from the ACA Sports Council Conference in ST Louis. I met Dr. Reed. He is now in a new position, Medical Director, Performance Services, USOC. I also spent time with Dr. Ed Feinberg of Palmer West. He has used all the products you describe and has some opinions. I recommend giving him a call for his thoughts on the features and benefits of each.
gregv2 said…
Hi Dr. Tsai,

As you've noticed there are many choices when it comes to kinesiology tape. KT Tape, Spider, Rocktape and the original, Kinesio.

We'd love to send you some samples so you can try our product out and compare it to others. We also will be holding a Power Taping seminar on Feb 6th in Los Gatos.

Feel free to contact me at and we'll be happy to send you some samples.

Kevin Jardine said…
Hi Dr. Tsai,
I would like to clarify some points, especially the one commented on by Jim of KT tape. I think he forgot to add that Kerri Walse gets paid by KT tape which, correct me if I'm wrong may have something to do with why she switched. And as for Dr. Ted Forcum, I think Jim also failed to mention that Dr. Forcum is on the KT board and is also paid to like it. Dr. Tsai, to clarify the confusion on the 'original' tape, yes Dr. Kase created the concept of kinesiology taping and had the tape manufacured in Japan through Nitto Denko. Dr. Kase then lost the rights to produce material with Nitto Denko and SpiderTech picked up the global rights to that 'originial' material. For yourself, having taken the FAKTR program run by Tom Hyde and Greg Doerr, they exclusively use SpiderTech because of the quality, not because they are paid to. thank you for your blog.

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